Artisan Handicraft. For centuries  the most beautiful pages of the history of quality footwear have been written on the Brenta Riviera. It is here that, with twenty years of experience, the skilled hands of the Rosso Venezia team have cut, sewn and assembled shoes, created with painstaking attention to art, masterful interpretations of an ancient but always fashionable artisan tradition.


Quality and Comfort. The Rosso Venezia processing cycle, from the development of the prototype to final assembly, takes place entirely within the company. A mode of production that makes all the difference in terms of quality, further enhanced by the sophisticated sacchetto method that, combining upper, lining and insole, ensures superior results of durability and comfort.


Elegance. Rosso Venezia Shoes are luxurious masterpieces, made to be worn. Produced only using high quality leather, made unique by impeccable workmanship and embellished with immaculate finishes, they are meant to be the object of desire for women who recognise the value of true elegance, strictly made in Italy.